Founded by Andrew Apanov, formerly the Editor-in-Chief and project manager in mobile development at Ultimate Guitar, Dotted Music is the brainchild of a music industry professional who has worked with every major record label in the business, helped to develop a renowned music brand, and conquered the iTunes App Store charts. And now he wants to share his know-how with you.

You have the passion, but you’re lacking the knowledge; you’ve got the knowledge, but you’re lacking specialism; you’ve got professionalism, but you want to take it to the next level. You need a strategy, but what you really need is a strategist. With its team of experienced music industry and business professionals, Dotted Music provides a range of digital services to musicians, labels, gear manufacturers, retailers, and start-ups at any stage of their careers.

From branding, graphic design, website development and maintenance, social media integration and promotion to copywriting services, PR and digital music distribution, Dotted Music provides leading advice and supervision in a range of services, while its founder Andrew Apanov, who has been in the music industry for nearly a decade, provides free one-on-one consultations.

Promoting a digital approach to the music industry conversation, Dotted Music isn’t just another agency. With a blog that features posts by leading industry professionals, musicians, and even university lecturers, Dotted Music Blog, with our readers, is at the forefront of the music industry conversation; our weekly newsletter keeps thousands of subscribers briefed on the industry’s daily developments and long-term trends – keeping up-to-date is, in this industry, very often the difference between success and failure.

But Dotted Music’s web presence isn’t just textual. The launch of our interview series sees some of the music industry’s leading professionals enter into conversation with Dotted Music. This is a personal invitation to join us. Let us connect the music industry dots for you.

Andrew Apanov (Website, Twitter), from Kaliningrad, Russia, is the founder of Dotted Music. His 8 years’ experience in the music industry, which have shaped him both as a man and as a music industry professional, are the impetus behind Dotted Music. Andrew’s insider knowledge and expertise of the music industry is widely respected, his work as Editor-in-Chief and Project Manager of Mobile Applications during’s ascent to its status as the world’s leading guitar tablature resource being widely acknowledged throughout the industry. Complementing Andrew’s extensive practical experience is his academic expertise, and his contribution to Alexander Mars’s XSSR Music Academy was the beginning of the academy’s first music marketing course for local aspiring musicians, DJs, and promoters. Andrew, founder of a digital agency for the music industry, music-marketing consultant, band manager, ex-Editor-in-chief of Ultimate Guitar, is the answer to the digital music industry’s demands and pressures.

Frederic Sahyouni (Twitter) is Dotted Music’s resident business expert. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Frederic holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is currently Chief Financial Officer of a gold mining exploration company. His management of financial and marketing aspects of Dotted Music is in addition to his written contributions to and Dotted Music over several years.

Samuel Agini (Twitter) is the Editor of Andrew Apanov’s Dotted Music Blog. With interests ranging from the dynamics of the ‘Big Four’ record labels to the intricacies of intellectual property law and its implications for music piracy, Samuel’s versatility and intellectual curiosity establish him as a useful member of the Dotted Music team.

Ekaterina Apanova, from Kaliningrad, Russia, is the director of Dotted Music’s music industry documentary series Stand Above The Noise. The documentary, which takes Dotted Music from Kaliningrad, Russia to the hub of the music industry in Europe, features interviews with leading music industry professionals who work for the likes of Universal Music, Soundcloud, and AUPEO.

Leonidlgcl‘ is Dotted Music’s graphic designer. With over 6 years’ experience in the printing industry, he is an important member of the team. His specialties include street art, urban music and street fashion.

AnastasiaLin‘ is the creative force and web designer behind Dotted Music’s web presence. A web and flash designer and developer by trade, Anastasia is also a photographer in her spare time. A selection of Anastasia’s photography can be viewed here, while her web design page can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, we have a dozen or so hard workers behind-the-scenes at Dotted Music, all of whom contribute in a vital way to the existence of the agency and blog.

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